The 1996 'off-year' from full-scale festivals in Botanic Park saw the creation of a one-off ‘WOMAD Indian Pacific’ train trip from Perth to Pimba on the iconic railway. The 2000km trip across the Nullabor on a chartered Indian Pacific Train featured performances on board the carriages and culminated in a finale concert at Spud’s Roadhouse at Pimba, 480km North of Adelaide.

The concert drew in locals and Indigenous communities from the Western Desert in addition to a swathe of adventurous music fans making the road-trip up from Adelaide.

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WOMAD Indian Pacific 1996 Lineup

Music & Dance
  • Archie Roach & Ruby Hunter with Dave Steel (Australia)
  • Francis Bebey (Cameroon)
  • Mara! (Australia)
  • Paul Kelly (Australia)
  • Purna Das Baul and the Bauls of Bengal (India)
  • Remmy Ongala (Tanzania)
  • Shu-De (Tuva)
  • The Well Oiled Sisters (Scotland)