In The News: WOMADL18 Reviews

The Manganiyar Seduction


Some of the highlights, reviews and galleries from WOMADelaide 2018.

Double J

"WOMADelaide is, without doubt, the most culturally diverse festival in Australia...The WOMADelaide experience is one of constant discovery. Marquee headliners are largely set aside for an impeccably curated lineup of musicians at the top of their craft, many of them unknown to the audience on arrival."


The Australian

"Thanks to its many moving parts working in harmony, and the sheer scope of the endeavour, Place des Anges managed to capture so much of the ineffable wonder of what it meant to be alive. In bypassing language barriers, it instead cut deep to the core of human emotion. Long after the cranes are retracted and the innumerable duck feathers have been scattered to the four winds, the memory of that extraordinary spectacle will live on."


The Music

“In a city famed for its offbeat festivals, WOMADelaide remains one of Adelaide’s crowning jewels ... [its] sparkle is as strong as ever and is continuing to bring a special touch of magic to Adelaide’s parklands.”


The Guardian

"WOMADelaide 2018: All singing, all dancing festival of joy. Crowds delight in extraordinary range of talent, colour and atmosphere in botanic gardens"


Sydney Morning Herald

"The nocturnal show, Place des Anges exemplified the immersive nature of this four-day event, which has always been far more than a collection of concerts."



"What makes it such a beloved festival is this very essence of inclusivity, which is reflected by the attitude of attendees, performers, workers and volunteers alike. You’ll often hear people refer to WOMADelaide as more than just a festival and this wonderful sense of community is precisely why."


The Adelaide Review

"If you were told 15 years ago that the 18-year-old guy playing bass for thrash metal band Suicidal Tendencies would be one of 2018’s most influential musicians with his mix of funk, jazz, R&B and yacht rock, you wouldn’t have believed it. But the man known to his mother as Stephen Bruner is one of the great contemporary artists who has created a unique sound of his own."