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Attractor Stage

Allegoria Sacra by the internationally celebrated artist collective AES+F, from the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia will be screening nightly in Botanic Park.

This moving image work offers a potent allegory of modern life. Comprised of thousands of digitally animated photographs and backed by an immersive musical score, Allegoria Sacra is inspired and named after a painting by the Renaissance master Giovanni Bellini, which is believed to represent purgatory.

AES+F exploit stereotypes throughout the work to question the value of contemporary civilisation. Signs of capitalism and the aspirations of a consumer society are overtly displayed through designer brands and in contrast to the ‘ethnic’ dress and essential belongings of people from developing nations.

Image detail: AES+F, Russia, est. 1987/1995, Allegoria Sacra (Sacred Allegory) 2010‑11, Moscow, 39.39 minute, 3 channel moving image with sound. Gift of John and Jane Ayers, Candy Bennett, Jim and Helen Carreker, Cherise Conrick, James Darling AM and Lesley Forwood, Scott and Zoë Elvish, Rick and Jan Frolich, Andrew and Hiroko Gwinnett, Dr Michael Hayes and Janet Hayes, Klein Family Foundation, Gosia Kudra Schild, Ian Little and Jane Yuile, Dr Peter McEvoy, David and Pam McKee, Hugo and Brooke Michell, Jane Michell, Peter and Jane Newland, John Phillips, Dr Dick Quan, Paul and Thelma Taliangis, Tracey and Michael Whiting, GP Securities, and anonymous donors through the Art Gallery of South Australia Contemporary Collectors Director's Project 2011, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide © AES+F.