The festival site

WOMADelaide is situated in Adelaide's Botanic Park, and the terrain consists of a combination of mostly flat grass, paved areas and gravel. During peak traffic periods, and especially after rain, parts of Botanic Park can become more difficult to negotiate. People who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids are advised to use a wheelchair with large wheels if possible. We are continually aiming to improve access to WOMADelaide and enhance the experience of our patrons with disability, please contact us if you require any information or advice further to the below.

Parking + Drop-Off

An accessible parking and drop-off zone is located next to the Hackney Road entrance, immediately to the South of Plane Tree Drive on Hackney Road. Accessible parking and drop-off will also be reserved outside the Frome Road entrance, between the Zoo and Victoria Drive on the eastern side of Frome Road.


Accessible seating is provided in front of the Foundation Stage, Stage 2 and Stage 3 alongside "Take a Rest" seating banks at Foundation Stage and Stage 2 in consideration of our diverse and multi-generational audience.

A power outlet will be installed at the Stage 3 wheelchair platform to enable recharging of powered wheelchairs.


Accessible toilets will be located alongside the main toilet block on Plane Tree Drive, as well as the toilet blocks near Stages 3, The Zoo Stage and Novatech Stage in Speaker's Corner. Accessible toilet facilities are installed where possible along the sealed surface cycleway which runs around the perimeter of Botanic Park, with privacy screening and clear marking to encourage use only by patrons who require accessible facilities. Please see the festival map for specific locations.

Companion Cards

WOMADelaide is a participant of the National Companion Card scheme, offering disabled patrons holding a current companion card a second ticket for their accompanying companion at no charge.

When you arrive at the Festival Box Office present your National Companion card, our staff will then allocate a corresponding complimentary pass. There is a limit of one companion pass issued on a daily basis. When attending the Festival for multiple days and retaining the same companion, a 3 or 4 Day pass will be issued to your companion. For further information please visit


A map highlighting accessibility information is available HERE