Reviews - WOMADelaide 2016


Reviews and praise for WOMADelaide 2016 from various corners of the internets...

Rhythms Magazine

"The event remains a veritable jewel in the crown of Australian music festivals." - WOMADelaide 2016 review

Glam Adelaide

"WOMADelaide is an annual experience you don’t want to miss out on. The music and vibes are unlike any other festival." - Dear Diary: I Attended WOMADelaide 2016 And It Was…

Sydney Morning Herald

"The total WOMADelaide experience – dancing barefoot on the grass; watching silk flags fluttering at sunset; wandering between stages to swap glitzy Bollywood fanfares for guttural Tibetan chants – is always more than the sum of its parts." - WOMADelaide review

The Music

"Womad is for the young, the old, the dancers, nature lovers, party people and the fascinated. An experience needed to be shared by one and all." - WOMADelaide Festival Day Three

Rip It Up

"A time-honoured tradition for generations of South Australian music lovers ... unique among the modern Australian festival circuit" - Review: WOMADelaide 2016


"The diversity of sounds, dances and tastes on offer at WOMADelaide was immense, and this was reflected in the crowd which attended. Children, grandparents, families, hippies, ex-hippies – each performance creating a unique community of listeners who, despite their differences, were all there to celebrate those differences in the form of music." - 10 Things We Learnt at WOMADelaide 2016