WOMADelaide: 25 Years Young

25 years

At the 1992 Adelaide Festival a totally new kind of event, WOMADelaide, was presented for the very first time and it was a hit.

The combination of the Festival’s renowned high production standards, the inherent late summer magic of the lush haven of the city’s almost secret Botanic Park and an inspired programming partnership with the UK-based WOMAD organisation was unique. Since these humble beginnings it has grown and evolved to become an annual celebration that has changed the way audiences over generations experience the diversity of cultures – through a window on the world that is welcoming and life af rming, where art matters and adds to the richness of so many people’s lives.

That WOMADelaide has been able to thrive and entice, engage and enthral increasingly large and loyal audiences of all ages is testament to the ongoing and unwavering support of many key supporters, beginning with that of the South Australian Government through Australian Major Events and the South Australian Tourism Commission.

Our presenting partnership with the Hackett Foundation and the support of the festival’s many sponsors and donors has enabled WOMADelaide to bring to Australia’s best festival city a unique ritual of cultural discovery – and sheer joy. We are indeed grateful for the vital and enduring support of the many individuals, agencies, staff and, most importantly, that of our audiences who have made this journey possible and such an absolute pleasure for all concerned!

Thank you!

Ian Scobie