Other Initiatives

Water & Toilets

The men’s urinals at WOMADelaide use water saving technology to ensure that no water is required for flushing.

Specially-designed cubes keep the urinals clean and hygienic without the need for water. This saves a great deal of water over the course of the four days of the festival.

All toilets use recycled toilet paper.

Bike parking

WOMADelaide encourages patrons attending the event to ride a bike. The festival offers bike parks at each of the main entrances to accommodate more than 700 bikes.

Bus service

A bus service is available from the city and North Adelaide which drops passengers off right in front of Botanic Park. The bus timetable will be available online in February.


All of WOMADelaid's mains power is 100% accredited GreenPower through Origin Energy. Consequently, all mains power used at WOMADelaide will be purchased from an accredited renewable source and fed back into the national power grid.


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