Taste the World

Since it began at WOMADelaide 2004, Taste the World has introduced hungry WOMADelaideans to mouth-watering and intriguing recipes from a kaleidoscopic array of countries and cultures.

Now a regular event at WOMAD festivals worldwide, this wonderful program unites artists and audience members in a glorious celebration of gastronomy and cultural discovery that is sure to enthral even the laziest take-away devotee!

2011 featured more sessions than ever! Festival artists such as Calypso Rose, Rango and Hanggai and celebrity chefs such as Simon Bryant, Amanda Blair and Poh Ling Yeow reached out to the audiences taste buds, creating traditional dishes from around the world in WOMADelaide's 'home kitchen'. The 2011 program also included educational cooking classes for kids for the first time, thanks to The Little Cookie cooking school.


Here are some of the recipes from Taste the World 2011 (more to be added in early April):

CALYPSO ROSE 'Trinidad Style Curry Chicken'

HANGGAI 'Red Cooked Fish', 'Celery & Pork Stir-fry' and 'Mutton Porridge'

RANGO 'SVC - Sudani Voodoo Chicken'

AMANDA BLAIR 'Energy Slice', 'One Pot Brownie' and 'Jude's Orange Cake'

SIMON BRYANT 'Greenslade's free-range Beggar Chicken with Marco Mushroom House exotic mushrooms'

CALLUM HANN 'Scallops in their half shell, chorizo & white bean puree', 'Confit Pork Belly, figs, cider and vanilla sauce' and 'Honeycomb and Chocolate'

POH LING YEOW 'Szechuan stye snapper with wood ear fungus' and 'Steamed egg custard with prawns and shiitake'

LITTLE COOKIES 'Gnocchi' and 'Roasted Red Sauce'


Here are some of the recipes from Taste the World 2010:

BABYLON CIRCUS 'Skate Wings with Camembert Gratin'

KAMEL EL HARRACHI 'Algerian Chorba'


NICKODEMUS 'Basque Stew'


OJOS DE BRUJO 'Tortilla de Patates'


YAMATO, THE DRUMMERS OF JAPAN 'Makizushi (Sushi Roll)'

PUBLIC OPINION AFRO ORCHESTRA 'Ghanaian style Corned Beef & Rice'

POH LING YEOW 'Kuih Koci with Salty Coconut Custard'

SIMON BRYANT 'Passionfruit Marshmallow'



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