Greening Australia

Australia's largest environmental organisation, Greening Australia has joined forces with WOMADelaide to offset carbon emissions from this event through local biodiverse tree plantings.

Over the last six years, no other organisation in the country has planted more trees for environmental repair. Greening Australia provides expertly managed, large-scale tree planting, which has been proven to offset CO2 emissions, recover landscapes and nurture biodiversity.

Greening Australia with the support of Canopy, guarantees that every tree planted for carbon offset will remain in the ground for over 100 years. What's more, Greening Australia is fully compliant with the Kyoto Climate Control Treaty and the NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme.

We have planted over 7000 native plants as a result of Womad carbon offsets, some species including:


  • Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha)
  • Wallowa (Acacia calamifolia)
  • Sticky Hopbush (Dodonaea viscosa ssp. spatulata)

  GA LHC Aug 2   GA LHC Aug

WOMADelaide seedlings August 2008

  GA LHC Dec   GA LHC Dec2

WOMADelaide seedlings Dec 2008

All species chosen are local provenance stock grown using locally sourced seed ensuring the genetic diversity of the site is maintained. Greening Australia provides ongoing management of the site to ensure the plants are maintained. This includes watering of the site and replacing any seedlings required, ensures the carbon offset is secure.

All plantings and revegetation will be use locally collected seed from remnant native mallee vegetation, thereby building biodiversity in the region.

Planting will be undertaken in accordance with the Interim Australian Standards for Carbon Accounting for Greenhouse Sinks – Afforestation and Reforestation AS 4978.

Measurement systems include the carbon accounting tools of the Australian Greenhouse Office and the CRC for Greenhouse Accounting.

Greening Australia’s plantings for this project are Kyoto Protocol compliant and are registered on the land title, ensuring that the carbon offset will be permanently secure.

Location: Langhorne Creek

Size: approx. 50 hectares

Owner: Privately owned by local farmer

This site is located approximately 5 km from Langhorne Creek in the Coorong and Lower Lakes region of South Australia on the private property.  The property has previously been utilised for farming practices.

Ferries-McDonald Conservation Park is approximately 5 km to the north-east while the Bremer River flows into Lake Alexandrina 14.5 km to the south.

The site will act as a ‘stepping-stone’ between Ferries-McDonald Conservation Park and the Bremer River, providing a bush corridor for native fauna and flora species.

We are all responsible for contributing to the global warming problem, and you too can play a role in the solution ... offset some or all of the carbon dioxide produced by you or your organisation with plantings managed by Greening Australia.

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