Free WiFi powered by Uniti Wireless

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Free Public WiFi from Uniti Wireless will be available at WOMADelaide 2016!

Across most areas of Botanic Park you will be able to jump online, update the App, chat to friends, check in on socials and post to your heart's content.

Uniti provides homes and businesses around suburban and metropolitan Adelaide with super-fast, fixed broadband services. They understand that the Internet is a necessity, bringing people and communities closer, and understand how hard it can be to get online at an event, so are here to the rescue!

How do I start surfing at WOMADelaide?

Uniti have done their best to provide as much coverage as possible across the broad expanse of Botanic Park. If you can't quite connect where you are, chances are you'll be able to a few meters away.

1. Look for ‘Uniti Free WiFi’ on your phone

2. Select and connect

3. You’re away! 

Keep in mind, there may also be times of peak load on the Free WiFi network (lots of people using it at the one time, or in the same place), so try moving to a different location or just try again at another time. Note that if you return to WOMADelaide the next day it will automatically log you on again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. The connection is slow

Try turning your WiFi off and on again. If this does not improve speed, try restarting your phone or moving to another location as there might be local congestion.

2. The connection isn’t working

Try turning your WiFi off and on again. If this does not work, try restarting your phone.

3. I don’t want to use it all the time

You can either turn your WiFi off on your device altogether and only turn it on when you want to access the Internet. Or when you’ve finished using the Internet, go to your WiFi settings in your device and select ‘Forget’ for the Uniti Free WiFi connection. 

4. I don’t want to log in automatically

The answer is the same as above. If you don’t want to auto connect when you return to the event later that night or the next day, go to your device WiFi settings and select ‘Forget’ for the Uniti Free WiFi connection.

I Need Help!

Uniti will have a team member at the Info Booth between 10am - 4pm each day. If none of the answers above solves your problem or query, please go catch up with them there. They’ll be looking forward to seeing you! If for any reason a team member is not at the Info Booth, please tweet us @unitiwireless.

★ Free offer to WOMADelaide festivalgoers ★

Need better broadband at home or at work? Uniti is offering festival goers, who sign up to the service before 30 June 2016, their first month FREE. To redeem the offer enter the code WOMADWIFI in the referral code box on your online application form when signing up. Check out their plans HERE