Architects of Air - Exxopolis


An exclusive addition to WOMADelaide 2015 is the remarkable art installation Exxopolis by Architects of Air. This towering inflated sculpture will be yours to explore, lose yourself in and marvel at the beauty of the light and colour concealed within. Since 1992, these exotic luminaria have bedazzled more than 2 million visitors across 40 coutries. Exxopolis is a magnificent installation with soaring 10-metre domes that will provide glowing moments of illuminated calm amidst the buzz of WOMADelaide 2015.

Please Note: Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (max. 4 children per 1 adult). Exxopolis is wheelchair accessible. Open each day of the festival, Exxopolis last admission is at 19:00 each day.

The presentation of Architects of Air's Exxopolis installation has been made possible through the generous support of Simon Hackett through the Hackett foundation.

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