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Fast Facts & The Background Story

The following fast facts are a result of a survey of WOMADelaide patrons conducted during the weekend of March 9-11 2007, to identify characteristics of visitors, event satisfaction, prior and return visitation trends and to measure the economic impact of the event.

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  • The event attracted an estimated total of 78,000 attendances over the 3 day festival with 45.9% of attendees visitors to Adelaide, and 39.7% visitors to SA and 5% being from regional South Australia.
  • The survey indicated 76% of the visitors to the state would not have made the trip to South Australia if not for the WOMADelaide event.
  • It is estimated that these event specific out of state visitors stayed an average of some 5.4 nights in Adelaide, and 0.9 nights elsewhere in South Australia.
  • The event can therefore estimate 45,700 visitor nights in the state of South Australia
  • 12.4% of Adelaide residents who attended the event responded to the survey that they would have holidayed out of the state if the event had not been held in Adelaide.
  • The average event specific visitor spent an estimated $649 in the State during their visit (or $103 per visitor night)
  • Therefore the holding of the event in South Australia is estimated as producing a total net economic benefit of $6.9 million in terms of incomes (GSP) and 100 FTE's of employment
  • These estimated outcomes represent an approximately 6% increase over the estimated outcomes from the event in 2006
  • 99% of Adelaide respondents considered the event important to the state
  • In addition to the economic impact, there were many other benefits associated with WOMADelaide 2007. These include promoting and enhancing the image of the City of Adelaide and South Australia as an attractive, vibrant and culturally diverse destination, attracting increased national media exposure for the event and Adelaide, extending the reputation of Adelaide for staging world class events and attracting increased interstate and international visitor nights.
  • A very high level of satisfaction with the overall event was recorded with specific comments relating to the fantastic location, the relaxed family atmosphere, the comfort and inclusiveness of event and the event management and programming
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