WOMADelaide to be Powered by BioDiesel

Press Release 03/03/22

WOMADelaide, to be held from 11–14 March in Adelaide’s Botanic Park, today announced an industry leading proof-of-concept trial of biodiesel power generation for the 2022 festival.

The festival will be using 100% biodiesel (b100) to power the Frome Park Pavilion stage, which will host The Planet Talks - a forum of environmental discussion and debate - as well as numerous artist performances across the four days of the festival. The pilot intends to examine the positive environmental impact of replacing fossil fuels with biodiesel at the 2022 event. 

This proof-of-concept year will investigate the reliability and affordability of biodiesel as a viable fossil fuel alternative for use within the Australian events industry, working towards an energy supply system that could be embraced across the WOMADelaide festival site and eventually (hopefully) the broader events industry.

Compared to diesel generators, biodiesel generates significantly less CO2 emissions and completely eliminates many hazardous air emissions, making it not only better for the environment but for audiences also. 

Biodiesel generators replace traditional fossil fuels with an environmentally safer, alternative fuel source produced from renewable resources consisting of plant biomass, vegetable oils, treated municipal and industry waste. Biodiesel in particular is made from vegetable and canola oil, tallow and recycled greases.

WOMADelaide Director Ian Scobie said:

“We are excited to see how the pilot goes and what the positive implications are for our carbon footprint.

This year will see biodiesel power one of our seven stages, although we intend on introducing biodiesel where possible across the festival site in years to come if the trial is successful.”

WOMADelaide is a sustainability leader in the Australian and international festival community, with an established history of continuing to develop and refine ways to minimise the environmental footprint of the festival.

The biodiesel trial is being managed in conjunction with Green Power Solutions, which provide sustainable biodiesel power generators and lighting solutions to the Australian construction industry, governments and businesses.