WOMADelaide 2017 Festival Essentials


Got your ticket? Checked the timetable? Ready to have a good time? You’re almost there! Here are a few pointers to help make sure your time at WOMADelaide 2017 stays golden all day, all weekend and into the following weeks.

First off, bring only what you need, unless you want to spend all day under your tree shielding your backpack (and probably your mates’ stuff too). So leave your kite and slack-line at home - there's an abundance of amazing stalls on site to help out with any last minute festival impulses.

Secondly, make sure you download the official WOMADelaide 2017 app, available on Android or iOS, prior to the festival for up-to-date line-up and timetabling info. For those that prefer the larger format, you can always download, view or print our PDF brochure here, and there will be printed pocket guides distibuted widely across the festival site and available at the Info Booth.

Festival Essentials

·      Your wristband (or your booking reference number/confirmation email)

·      Hat & sunnies

·      Sunscreen (We have some if you run out, provided by Channel 9 in the Terry White Chemmart)

·      A reusable water bottle to fill up inside the festival

·      Comfortable shoes that love dancing in the grass

·      Medication (especially for asthma or hay fever)

·      A rug to sit on if you want

·      Valid ID

·      Cash / Cards – some food stalls may require cash

·      Something warm to wear in the night-time

·      Check the weather to see if you need a rain jacket

·      Insect repellent if the mozzies love you

·      Ear protection for infants / small children

You’re a festival pro if you also have earplugs and a portable phone charger, and don't forget to pack everything you may need for your kids if you are bringing them. Remember that we don’t offer a child-minding service, but we do have a pretty epic KidZone!

What not to bring

·      Tents (small sunshades are okay, but must be set up WELL away from high-traffic areas and in ‘the pines’ area)

·      Glass of any sort (this includes perfume bottles etc.)

·      No BYO alcohol of any kind

·      Animals (Guide Dogs okay!)

·      Fireworks, flares, lanterns, generators, sparklers.

·      No unauthorised tape recorders, professional film or video equipment are allowed onsite, including drones. Cameras for personal use are welcome.

·      No portable laser equipment / laser pens.

You may be searched at the entrance for any items that can be used in an illegal or offensive manner, which will be confiscated. Persons suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities onsite may also be searched and face eviction. Don't be that guy!

At all times we are here to help you, your friends and family all have a good time, so please don't hesitate to approach a member of staff or security for assistance if you get in a spot. Remember that we're all in this together, so please treat your fellow festival goers, festival staff, volunteers and security with respect, kindness and patience and good karma will come your way!

Finally, remember that WOMADelaide 2017 is smoke-free, so if you wish to smoke please seek out the designated smoking areas.

Happy festivities and we hope you discover a new world of cultural understanding and delight at WOMADelaide 2017!